Our Neighborhood Shoe Repair Store


Tucked in between Haagen Dazs, AT&T and Hair O’Dessey in the Pollo Tropical strip mall, is Miami Lakes Shoe Repair.

As often as I have been there, it never donned on me that the proprietor’s name was not Sal but Dom. I really don’t know where I got the name from but as his wife put it, “you must have assumed that because he is Italian”. We all got a kick out of it and laughed about it but honestly, I was a little embarrassed by it. As often I have been there, I should have known.

The thing I love about the place is how courteous and pleasant the couple is – yes, they work together and have been for the past 13 years. They are always gracious, attentive and understanding of their customers even taking their time two years ago, in a busy Saturday afternoon, to help me out with my car when it suddenly died in front of their shop. Funny he is Italian but always passes for a Latino whereas his wife, a Latina from New York could pass for an Italian.

Perhaps, the reason why we keep on coming back and Dom has been at the same location for the past 29 years, yes 29 years, is the quality of work he puts out; it is superb. The master craftsman is always in display. Just when you thought that there is nothing else to salvage of your favorite shoe or bag, here comes Don with his canning mastery. He turns it around and with great skillfulness, and knowledge of the subject, a few hours or days later, delivers the product to you as if it was new; but he is also quick to tell you when you should buy a new pair.

They have become a fixture in town and at time when businesses and strip malls are closing, we look forward to Dom’s 29 more.


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