Everything You Need, You Already Have!

IMG_20130715_180534Yeah, what I am about to tell you is nothing new, it is everywhere and if you pay a little attention to your surroundings and exhale, you will find it.

I once was told that “everything that you need in order to be happy, you already have”. Hit the breaks please, huh?! Wait a minute, is he kidding me? Really?! What kind of I need more shoes doesn’t he understand? I don’t have enough, so I believe. I need more. And more. And more. I mean, I am a lady, we need to keep up with the trend.  We need to be in vogue. We need to look nice and beautiful. Got it?! What in the world was he trying to tell me? That if I didn’t have this and that in my life, and if I had this other thing, I would be a whole lotta happy than I am now?!

I am not watching one of the episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show, am I?! Please tell me I am not because the show has been canceled. I mean, it is obvious isn’t it? Everyone always wants more and more, no one is content with what they have and some even go to great lengths to acquire it, the more.

Along the years, I have come to appreciate what he said. It all makes sense somehow but it took me some learning and a few crossed bridges, perhaps mountains and peeks, for the message to get through. This is however, one of many messages we learn in life and being that Lent is here, for those who observe it, temptation is everywhere.

Temptations can vary. It can come in buckets, trench coats, suitcases, backpacks, handbags, you name it. It comes one at time or sometimes all at once, smiles at you and then unloads. It is between you and the temptation. But what the tempter is saying to the one being tempted, is that you are missing something in your life and if you had this and that, if you had this other thing too, you would truly be able to solve your problems, you would be dancing in the skies, you would really be happy, am I am getting dicy just thinking about it all.

Huh? Hold you horses Franky. Fat chance. Which pill are you on? That’s not necessarily accurate. It is fiction and off course because we are often sucked into believing that if we do certain things in life we will be in heaven, we tend to believe that it might be true. Yeah, tell that to mamma bear, she will tell you otherwise.

We often see people living impulsively, recklessly, expensive cars, big homes, designer dresses, and we wonder, how they do it? I want that too? So, some of us will do everything in our power to be just as them. They go for the thrills, any lengths to reach their goal because they can as it brings them joy,  happiness as temptation thrives to become an admirer of riches and power, but then what? No offense but please pass me that bottle of water.

It is comical that some fall for it but many don’t; and that’s what makes it fascinating.

You have to question the judgments of those who fall for it. How stupid can they be? I mean, if they have everything in paradise, at their fingertips, why they fail to realize how unbelievable bless they are, is besides me. What am I supposed to think, then again, who am I to judge? So, they at some point, during their lifetime embed the belief that if something was added to their arsenal of things, they would be a whole lot happier. More power to them! On the other hand, you have those who don’t fall for the trap, are not that into things and live perfect and harmony. They are profoundly aware that what they already have, is precious no matter what. They are appreciative and dodge the desires as they present themselves.

All of us are tempted in the same way but it is difficult for us to realize where the temptation comes from and what they are. Most often, they are all the same. We are kinda duped sometimes to believing that if we had something else and if we didn’t have that particular reality in our life, we would be better off but the reality is, we are bound for surprises. The world wants us to be profoundly aware of what we already have and if we are in tune with that, it doesn’t mean we are not going to be challenged by life hurdles, we can overcome them.

Happiness doesn’t really depends so much on what we have or don’t have. It depends on how we view life, how much we appreciate what we have or what we don’t have. The older we get in life the better we tend to realize that, so they say. Humm, I have to check that temperature. And so, the season of Lent very wisely comes around, calling us to do penance, to deprive ourselves of particulars so that we can be in the now. What are you given up for Lent seems to be the catch phrase of the season and if you can hold on for all forty days without blinking, you have accomplished a milestone. Lat’s clap here!

Lent comes precisely to put parishioners in tune with the fact that they don’t need to have everything in order to be happy as they are asked to give up certain realities as measure to their testament. They are also asked to pick up from some other realities that may help guide them. So, there is enormous wisdom in Lent as it help some become aware of how really blessed they are and how they really don’t need to have all that they think they need in order to be happy.

You will be amazed of what we humans can live without. All you have to do is give it a try and you will find out.

We all have habits, habits that we can deprive ourselves off without a care in the world, minuscule things we attached ourselves too that can be easily discarded once part ways with it.

Once upon a time, I used to have this obsession with Alkaseltzer. So, every so often, I would dip it a tad bit in water and then suck it as if they were an Oreo cookie. No need to dissolve it in water, that was my stomach was for. How crazy is that? Yes, good ole Alkaseltzer. I love the taste of it and that was so satisfying to my nutty craving. It went on for ages until a friend was bold enough and dove in the land where no man has gone before to alert me on its effect. Let’s put it this way, he read me my rights and gave me the mama’s speech, basically telling me that I could end up in the next train to Georgia, oops a few holes on my stomach, if I continued riding that horse. I mean, the thought of a few holes on my stomach, was enough to scare the beegeebees out of me and for me to retire my freaky indulgence. I mean, I am not that crazy. I now only have it as needed or when prescribed. Now, am I any miserable from not having it? Has the world stopped moving? No! Was I happier back then that I am now? Not necessarily. You know, and so it is with so many realities in our lives.

To those who are holy, lent is here to help fine tune your minds, spirit, lives, prioritize, guide them through, help you have fruitful lenten season and realize what it is that you truly, truly need in order to have a fulfilling life, so that they may discover that everything they need in order to be happy, you already have. Yes, you perhaps already have it and don’t even realize it or don’t need much and think that you do. It is all about balance. Find your inner self, learn more, discover and explore because everything that you need in order to be happy, you already have .


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