The Lone Soldier!


I first saw Jose, that’s not his real name, eleven months ago on my way to my daily work out. My main reason to join the gym is so that I can keep in shape and lose a few pounds here and there, but I am convinced Jose has a different agenda; I am pretty sure his end does not liken mine.

I never had the opportunity to personally meet, talk or ask Jose to learn what he is up to since I never summoned enough courage to do it. I had the opportunity the other day to do just that but I chickened out; I caved in fearful of approaching a stranger.

I was on my way home and was this close to stopping but was too afraid he would chide me. It just so happened that I was not in position of a camera and so I resorted to snatching his picture from behind with my cell phone  – hurray to technology.

We used to cross paths every day; he would go north and I south but in my car. You see, the very first time I saw Jose, he was out there going in circle, around the neighborhood, in the sun walking patiently in a straight line with perspiration marks carved all over his back; not hurried, striding at his own pace, very focused as if he knew for sure where he was going but just didn’t know when he was going to get there. The measuring stick could not stretch fast enough for him.

I have never seen him turning for any car, I have never seen him smiling, I have never seen him with a buddy, I have never seen with a bottle of water; he was just there, one lone man walking by with his three hundred plus pound self and a resolve.

That was yesterday and this is today.

After not seeing him for a month, today Jose is half his size but very determined. He is still strutting along the same corridor, at his own drum. I am pretty sure there will be another break some day as I hope to learn his driving force but for now, I pretend and am content to share his “story”. Real or not, I look forward to authenticate what I know for sure in his own words. What an achievement! Congratulations Jose and keep up the good work. Until we meet again.


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